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 JNTUK 3-1 (R13) 1st Mid Original Online Bits are now available here. The JNTUK 3-1 (R13) 2nd Mid examinations are commencement from 09.10.2016 on words and here are some useful stuff for you.

 JNTUK 3-1 (R13) 2nd Mid Original Online Bits Day-I

JNTUK 3-1 (R13) 2nd Mid Original Online Bits Day-2

Structural Analysis-II

Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis(MEFA)

Metal cutting & Machine Tools

Linear IC Applications

Data Communications 

JNTUK 3-1 (R13) 2nd Mid Original Online Bits Day-4

  Advance Java

  Power systems-2

 Design of Machines members-1

 Control systems

Principles of programming language


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