JNTU-KAKINADA:: B.Tech Automata and Compiler Design (A&CD) Material/Notes 8 Units PDF Download

The following are the jntu kakinada B.Tech material for Automata and Compiler Design (A&CD). All the 8 units materials were presented here and all are in the simple language. You can download materials here easily.

About Subject:

                Automata and Compiler Design (A&CD) covers the topics that will appear in the design of compiler. One can learn what the compiler will do when some thing is given as input to it. All the phase of compiler are divided into 8 units and those all 8 units are framed in the syllabus by jntu kakinada. 

Here are the total materials for those 8 units that will cover the 8 phase of compiler.

Download Here Another Set of Material for Automata and Compiler Design (A&CD)

Download Here all Important problem and Topics with solutions here

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