JNTUK R20 3-2 Compiler Design Material/Notes PDF Download


JNTU KAKINADA B.Tech 3-2 R20 Compiler design material download. Compiler design lecturer notes

UNIT I: Lexical Analysis: Language Processors, Structure of a Compiler, Lexical Analysis, The Role of
the Lexical Analyzer, Bootstrapping, Input Buffering, Specification of Tokens, Recognition of Tokens,
Lexical Analyzer Generator-LEX, Finite Automata, Regular Expressions and Finite Automata, Design of
a Lexical Analyzer Generator.

UNIT II: Syntax Analysis: The Role of the Parser, Context-Free Grammars, Derivations, Parse Trees,
Ambiguity, Left Recursion, Left Factoring, Top Down Parsing: Pre Processing Steps of Top Down
Parsing, Backtracking, Recursive Descent Parsing, LL (1) Grammars, Non-recursive Predictive Parsing,
Error Recovery in Predictive Parsing.

UNIT III: Bottom Up Parsing: Introduction, Difference between LR and LL Parsers, Types of LR
Parsers, Shift Reduce Parsing, SLR Parsers, Construction of SLR Parsing Tables, More Powerful LR
Parses, Construction of CLR (1) and LALR Parsing Tables, Dangling Else Ambiguity, Error Recovery in
LR Parsing, Handling Ambiguity Grammar with LR Parsers.

UNIT III: Syntax Directed Translation: Syntax-Directed Definitions, Evaluation Orders for
SDD’s, Applications of Syntax Directed Translation, Syntax-Directed Translation Schemes,
Implementing L-Attributed SDD’s. Intermediate Code Generation: Variants of Syntax Trees, Three
Address Code, Types and Declarations, Translation of Expressions, Type Checking, Control Flow,
Backpatching, Intermediate Code for Procedures

UNIT IV: Run Time Environments: Storage Organization, Run Time Storage Allocation, Activation
Records, Procedure Calls, Displays, Code Optimization: The Principle Sources of Optimization, Basic
Blocks, Optimization of Basic Blocks, Structure Preserving Transformations, Flow Graphs, Loop
Optimization, Data-Flow Analysis, Peephole Optimization

UNIT V: Code Generation: Issues in the Design of a Code Generator, Object Code Forms, Code
Generation Algorithm, Register Allocation and Assignment


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